IPhones purchased directly from TheAppleGuy are subject to certain terms and conditions. If there are any defects on the phone within the first 7 days of purchasing from us you are welcome to return the phone with full cash back or it can be swapped out for another IPhone of your choosing.

IPhones that are sold from TheAppleGuy have a full network guarantee so you don’t ever have to worry about it getting network blocked or blacklisted.

  • No Returns / Refunds on Phones without issues
  • 3 Months warranty on second hand devices
  • 1 Year warranty on brand new devices
  • Delivery Fee will be incurred for refunds/returns


Wide Variety of Options

At the TheAppleGuy, we have a wide variety of IPhones to choose from. We try at all times to have the best prices for the market as pricing and quality go hand in hand at TheAppleGuy.

Trusted Supplier

We have been operating for the last 7 years and have a built a great base of loyal customers and suppliers who have gained our trust and confidence. To see our trusted reviews please look through the review page on our website.

Great Warranties

At the TheAppleGuyZA. We try our best to go the extra mile for customers and that is why we give 3 months warranty for second hand devices and a 1 year warranty for brand new devices.

Great Value

We offer our customers the best prices on the market when it comes to IPhones. They have the option of trading their old IPhones in and pay a top up cash difference for the new one or just paying the full amount upfront.

Quick Service

We pride ourselves with giving the best value and service to our customers. We have a customer base all over South Africa and we facilitate all the transactions with TheCourierGuy to make sure we are getting your phone of your choice as fast as possible to you.